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About us

An invitation to LogistiX 2022


An invitation to LogistiX 2022 

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LogistiX 2022, as the most comprehensive exhibition on logistics service provider, is opening on June 22nd to 25th 2022.

You are hereby invited as our guest to visit iData’s Booth to experience our latest innovations dedicated for logistics supply chain technologies and solutions.

iData’s Booth:1A02, Hall:101

Exhibition Center: Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC)

iData provides excellent smart IoT devices for global workers, and is committed to building a smart world with all things connected. With a newly-built branch office in Bangkok, we are striving to provide better service and fast solutions for our clients in Thailand and covering a whole southeastern region.

Over the past few years, our Thailand team has built a deeper connection with our local clients. iData’s devices have been widely applied to many fields, including retail, logistics, manufacturing and public utilities,etc. With onsite experience, we anticipate the most concerned challenges and provide the customized schemes accordingly.

Next, we are expanding our team members in Bangkok office to better serve our clients. More and more talents are joining our iData’s global team. Together, we can make magic happened.

We look forward to seeing you in logistiX 2022.

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About iData

iData is a leading IoT device manufacturer of smart hardware innovations. iData products has been sold to over 100 countries and regions,covering more than 100 market segments.iData provides excellent data collection digitization experience for 2 millions workers in all kinds of industries. We serve our customers with considerate value-added services. 


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