J16 Smart

iData J16 Smart

Interactive scanning experience, wireless smart scanner


Touch screen design, simple interaction

1.5-inch HD screen, it can display the information clearly;
Touch screen operation can set scanning,Bluetooth,Wi-Fi,prompt,etc quickly;
You won’t miss any message by the 130DB high decibel humanized reminder


Bluetooth efficient connection

The scanner connects the base by Bluetooth 5.0;
It supports long-distant wireless scanning;
The transmission distance could reach up to 70m


Wi-Fi scanner

You can connect the scanner with AP or computer by Wi-Fi without the base to transmit the data.
The firmware can upgrade directly under the Wi-Fi condition.

  • Bluetooth efficient connection
  • Wi-Fi scanner

Convenient scanner configuration system

You can set you scanner by PSSA/MSSA;
This system contains barcodes setting, decoding attribute setting,reading modes setting etc.

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It supports multiple middleware

The health code access is available. It can be widely used for epidemic prevention management in hospitals,offices and communities .
It supports development of UDI identification code middleware. It can be used for drug management in hospitals and pharmacies.
It supports development of different middleware, which optimizes the scanner with more possibilities.


5 advantages of the self-innovative scanning engine

Comprehensive reading abilities, all mainstream barcodes can be read easily.
Efficient decoding ability;It can decode up to 20 times/s
Barcodes learning ability; It can learn the hard-to-recognized barcodes quickly
Multispectral dimming technology; It could adjust light’s conditions base on the environment.
Polarized light elimination. It could filter the reflect light automatically.


Flexible charging, long lasting battery life

The scanner equips with 2600mAH powerful battery, which can scan up to 80,000+ times,and works more than 10 hours per charge.
The base charger can charge the scanner whenever you place it into the base. It keeps high battery capacity all the time.
It adopts an excellent battery management system, which supports low consumption mode,reduce unnecessary power waste.


J16 Smart Specifications

Performance parameter
Image Sensor 1280*800 pixel
Light source WHITE,RED,BLUE
Scan performance
Scanning accuracy ≥3.33mil
Scanning angle Pitch: ±60°; Deflection (skew): ±45°; Rotation (tilt): 360°
Angular Field of View Horizontal: 44.3°, vertical: 28.4°, diagonal: 51°
Motion tolerance 13mil UPC 2m/s (up to 8m/s in high motion fault tolerance mode)
Minimum reading contrast 15%
Physical parameter
Size 174.69mm(H)*84.32mm(W)*64.68mm (D)
Weight Scanner: 215g, cradle: 193g
Operating Voltage 4.5V~5.5V(DC)
Current value 40mA (The cradle is in a non-charging state)
Physical parameter USB-HID,USB-CDC,RS232
Prompts Speaker (voice) prompt/vibration prompt/LED prompt/screen prompt
Shell material PC+ABS
Operating Environment
Working temperature 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature -20℃~70℃
Humidity 5%~95% (no condensation)
Drop specification 1.8m concrete floor dropped several times
Ambient lighting 0Lux~100000Lux
Electrostatic protection ±15KV (air discharge), ±8KV (contact discharge)
Wireless transmission performance/BT
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency band 2402MHz~2480MHz
Transmission distance Up to 70m in open environment
Communication mode Real-time mode/batch mode
Battery capacity 2600mAh
Charging time 5 Hours(5V/2A)
Operating hours ≥12h
Scan times Up to 100,000 times or more (when the battery is fully charged)
Wireless frequency band 2.4GHz~2.4835GHz(ISM Band)
Transmission rate Up to 72.2Mbps
WLAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Relevant regulation
Electrical Safety IEC 60950
Environmental parameters RoHS directive 2011/65/EU,GB/T 26572
LED safety IEC 62471:2006
EMI/RFI FCC Part 15 Class B,EN 55032:2015,EN 55035:2017
Decoding range
3.33mil Code 128 XD(Ultra-high Density):0.5cm~3cm(0.016inch to 0.1inch)
HD(High Density):2.5cm~14cm(0.98inch to 5.51inch)
SR((High Density)):9.5cm~16.0cm (3.74inch to 6.30inch)
10.83mil Code 128 XD(Ultra-high Density):0.5cm~5cm(0.016inch to 0.16inch)
HD(High Density):0.5cm~19cm(0.2inch to 7.48inch)
SR(Standard Distance):2.0cm~50.0cm (0.79inch to 19.69inch)
5.83mil QR Code XD(Ultra-high Density):0.5cm~3cm(0.016inch to 0.1inch)
HD(High Density):3.5cm~8.5cm(1.38inch to 3.35inch)
SR(Standard Distance):11.0cm~13.5cm (4.33inch to 5.31inch)
20.83mil QR Code XD(Ultra-high Density):0.5cm~6.5cm(0.016inch~0.21inch)
HD(High Density):1.5cm~21cm(0.59inch to 8.27inch)
SR(Standard Distance):5.5cm~37.5cm(2.17inch to 14.76inch)
Code system
1D Codabar,Code 11,Code 128,Code 32,Code 39,Code 93,EAN 13,EAN 8,UPCA,UPCE,IATA 2 of 5,Interleaved 2 of 5,Matrix 2 of 5,Straight 2 of 5,MSI/PIessey,GS1 DataBar etc
2D Aztec,Data Matrix,MicroPDF 417,PDF 417,QR,Micro QR etc
Standard accessories Data cable*1, power cable*1, user manual*1
Optional accessories Bracket, serial port cable
1 As the product line is updating from time to time, the information in this document is subject to change without notice.
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