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Thailand Flash Express: How iData Expedite Delivery Efficiency


Nowadays in China, many express enterprises have achieved digitized management throughout the whole process. Yet some of the companies in southeastern countries are still struggling in non-productive working ways which can’t meet the great demand of fast growing business.  

iData has been working with the leading express company in Thailand —— Flash Express. Let’s check out how iData helps the global workers to provide satisfactory express service through the digitized management, achieving fast sorting, collecting and delivery management.


Fast sorting

Fast & Accurate, Shorten Delivery Cycle

The peak quantity of orders has reached more than 2 millions per day. The traditional manual sorting way fails to handle the great demand of efficiency and accuracy for taking orders.

The pain points of manual sorting

Low efficient, overstocked parcels

Easy to make mistakes, increase the transportation cost

Real-time parcel tracking is not possible

Benefits for applying iData 95

The sorting efficiency has been tripled to eliminate overstocking at peak hours

The accuracy has reached over 95%, less transportation mistakes

All parcel information can be traceable anytime for a better fulfillment experience


Collecting and delivery management

Better experience, easy to control

The  delivery guys of Flash Express used to collect and deliver parcels by mobiles which can’t meet their needs. Comparing with the enterprise-level data terminals, using mobiles, which is not convenient to manage, might also result in loss for the delivery stops.  

The pain points of collecting and delivering parcels by mobiles

The mobile camera can’t survive scanning barcodes under strong light outdoors

The mobile can’t survive the high temperature and humid weather of Thailand

There’s no device management software, it’s hard to track the phone if it’s missing and it’s difficult to manage it for other purposes.

Benefits for applying iData50

Up to 5 times increase in outdoor operation by a professional engine

Industrial-level protection performance: survives high temperature and humid weather, lower the loss caused by device failure

Industrial-level device management software, it can locate the device,  and lock the device applications


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