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  • Warehousing management

    Warehousing management

    Through the use of iData handheld terminal, intelligent checking, statistics and data reporting of the goods warehoused are conducted, to accurately, efficiently and intelligently complete the warehousing operation.

  • Inventory management

    Inventory management

    RFID technology is used to install RFID tags for each item that needs to be counted. Inventory personnel scan barcode information of goods through iData handheld terminal.

  • Ex-warehousing management

    Ex-warehousing management

    The warehouse keeper receives the ex-warehousing information in real time through iData handheld terminal, gives the optimal picking path, and automatically identifying and comparing the goods ex-warehoused by scanning the barcode of goods.

  • Shelfing translocation

    Shelfing translocation

    iData handheld terminal is used to intelligently distribute and record the position of goods on shelves, and intelligently provide the optimal storage path and picking path during the operation.

  • Warehouse inspection

    Warehouse inspection

    Through regular inspection, it can ensure the authenticity of the inventory and the status of the storage location, enhance the function of data analysis and statistics, and improve the efficiency of management personnel to deal with defects.

  • Sorting of transit warehouse

    Sorting of transit warehouse

    In transiting and sorting and of goods, the intelligent identification of hand-held terminals is adopted to replace manual sorting of goods, and the status, location and moving information of goods are recorded in real time

  • Signing for delivery

    Signing for delivery

    When receiving the goods, signature can be done on the handheld terminal for confirmation. In case of cargo disputes, photos can also be taken for collecting evidence in real time, and uploaded to the management system in real time through wireless network.

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