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Why is Visualized Food Safety Management So Important?


Food safety and hygiene are critical to our health, people nowadays are paying more attention to this issue in recent years. With the help of the food safety monitoring system, the quality and safety status of agricultural products in the production and distribution links can be monitored in real-time and safety warnings can be implemented for public health.


Recently, iData has cooperated with a well-known agricultural product testing company, using digital technology to help the company build a visualized food safety monitoring system, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of food safety management.


The industrial tablet has a wide range of applications in the inspection of agricultural products. It can perform real-time dynamic summary, statistics, classification, query and other processing, and automatically generate statistical charts in various formats to facilitate staff inquiries.

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With the help of the operation advantages of the industrial tablet, the testing data can be uploaded and queried anytime and anywhere, which greatly improves the testing efficiency and accuracy.

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Currently the company's latest food safety monitoring system started to use iData P1 for visual food safety monitoring and management gradually. The efficiency of staff has been greatly improved thanks to the application of PDAs.


If you want to learn more about food industry applications, or try iData P1, you can also get in touch with iData.

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