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Highlights of iData market activities in April


With constant exhibitions and numerous activities, iData engages in six market activities in April, covering Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hefei, Fuzhou, Suzhou and Yiwu. Many fields are reflected, including electronic information, e-commerce, manufacturing, medical cold chain, thereby attracting visitors for consultant and communication in good atmosphere.


Wonderful presentation at the activity site

April 9-11, CITE 2021 the 9th China Information Technology Expo, Shenzhen

April 11-13, 2021 China International E-Commerce Expo and Digital Trade Expo, Yiwu

April 16, 2021, the 3rd Anhui Province Manufacturing Digital Transformation Summit, Hefei

April 25-27, 2021 the 1st China (Fuzhou) International Digital Product Expo, Fuzhou

April 25-27, 2021 the 1st China (Fuzhou) International Digital Product Expo, Fuzhou

On April 29, 2021 International Intelligent Manufacturing (Guangzhou) Forum, Guangzhou

For an introduction to iData new arrivals (iData i2/i3/K1 Pro/K1 Cold), there are time-intensive market activities in April concerning extensive industries and regions. Customers and friends from place to place can have an experience of all performances of new arrivals on site to boost the application efficiency in different industries.

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