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Xinjiang Mine Material Management | How to Deal with Condensation and High-altitude



——Mine material management in Xinjiang,China


When we talk about PDA in cold-chain application, people might tend to think of fresh food delivery, frozen meat distribution and vaccine distribution, etc.


Recently, iData cooperated with one technology company in Xinjiang to apply iData K1 Cold to a mine in Xinjiang for mine material management.


In this case, iData will share the environmental characteristics of high-altitude regions such as Xinjiang, as well as the requirements for PDA to survive such challenges of low temperature and condensation.

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>> Mine material management

Aimed at the state-controlled explosives management, such as electronic detonators, emulsion explosives, and expanded ammonium nitrate explosives. The whole process is traceable, preventing any outflow of explosives or improper use that might lead to hazard.


1. Inbound management

When warehousing, record the quantity and storage location.


2. Outbound management

Allocate explosives to demolition blasting workers.


3. Inventory management

Regular inspection to prevent the outflow of dangerous goods.


4. Installation detonation

Photograph and video record the correct installation and use of explosives.

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>>Large temperature difference and anti-condensation design

In high-altitude areas, there is a huge temperature difference in warehouses, mines and outdoors, and the temperature difference is usually over 20 °C. When moving from indoor to outdoor, the scanning window and screen of ordinary PDAs are likely to generate condensation.


1. Condensation effect on inbound and outbound management

If you enter and exit the warehouse frequently, the scanning window will condense, which will affect the code scanning during inbound and outbound management.


2. Condensation effect on detonation installation

When installing the explosives, condensation on the screen will affect regular checking on photos and videos.


3. K1 Cold Anti-Condensation Design

The scanning window and screen adopt vacuum coating process, which can effectively prevent the bad effect of condensation on work in the environment of rapid temperature change.

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>> Low temperature environment and low temperature resistant battery

In high altitude areas, the temperature in winter and at night is very low, usually -10℃~-20℃. Ordinary PDA batteries cannot withstand this temperature, and the battery discharge capacity and the battery life are being badly affected.


K1 Cold low temperature resistant design

The 6700mAh large cold-chain battery of K1 Cold can not only ensure the battery's discharge capacity in low temperature environments, but also provide the device with a battery life of more than 12 hours. The battery is detachable so that multiple workers can take turns to use one device


Now, iData has launched two cold-chain dedicated terminals, K1 Cold and K8 Cold, which are built to survive different scenarios in cold-chain environments.

>> Product Recommendation


iData K1 Cold 

Low temperature and condensation resistant smart terminal


iData K8 Cold

Ultra-low temperature resistant condensation-free smart terminal


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