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Beijing Catering | The Cold Chain Management in 100+ Chain Stores



Recently, iData starts working with a chain brand catering company in Beijing, to implement digitized management in its central cold storage. Through digital technology, the company now can carry out unified procurement, production, and distribution of food ingredients, cutting down the operational costs and improving quality of the dishes.


Company Background:

Currently, the chain brand restaurant has more than 100 restaurants across the country. The traditional sorting and warehouse management can no longer meet the needs of large-scale centralized management of enterprises. In order to meet the standard of unified operation of kitchens and chefs, the company established a central cold storage (the central cold storage has 7 different parts, which are used to store frozen meat, vegetables, seafood and aquatic products,etc.), and a unified logistics and distribution team to serve all stores.


Workflow of Central Cold Storage 


>> Warehousing/Labeling/Information recording

For the goods arriving in the warehouse, the staff need to repack and label the goods according to the company's standards, then use K1 Cold to scan the code to input the information, which is convenient for subsequent inbound, outbound and distribution management. The workflow is executed by same standard, saving time and labor cost.

The shelf life of food can be better managed, reducing wastage of food.


>> Sorting and shipping

Each store needs to place an order one day in advance, and the sorter will take orders in K1 Cold system, then get well prepared and execute outbound process. After, the corresponding orders will be placed in the distribution area of different stores. The sorter will use K1 Cold to scan the codes to confirm.



Advantages of iData Digital Management Services


>> Anti-condensation scanning window; No issue in sorting and confirmation

After picking the goods in the cold storage and packing them out of the warehouse, because of the temperature difference, the scanning window of the ordinary PDA is likely to generate condensation, which affects the efficiency of order review. The K1 Cold scanning window adopts a vacuum coating process to effectively prevent condensation so that confirmation can be done straight away.


>> Customized keyboard to improve record efficiency

When receiving goods or sending them out from the warehouse, it is necessary to frequently switch the keyboard to enter information such as weight. The scientific keyboard layout of K1 Cold can effectively reduce the mistouching error when wearing anti-cold gloves, and the customized switching keys can improve the efficiency of order recording.


>> Digital management to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Thanks to the digital management technology, the work efficiency of warehouse managers is greatly improved, which can achieve visual management of warehouses, reduce food deterioration and wastage caused by improper management, maintaining the unified food flavors at customer-end.

>> Product Recommendation


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